Speech by Ambassador Füsun Aramaz on the occasion of “July 15 Democracy and National Unity Day”

Füsun Aramaz 15.07.2019

On the occasion of 15 July
Democracy and National Unity Day, I am glad to welcome you all to the Opening
Reception of the Commemoration Exhibition organized under the auspices of our
Embassy and in cooperation with our affiliate Bucharest Yunus Emre Insitute.

Three years have passed since the 15th of July coup attempt carried out by
the FETO terrorist organization.

This 15th of July coup attempt was planned by the FETO leadership and
carried out by members of the organization, whom infiltrated into our army by
disobeying the chain of command of the armed forces. This heinous act
constitutes the deadliest terrorist attack that Turkey has ever experienced.

We have never before witnessed such savagery and treachery in our history
as the one exhibited by the perpetrators of this coup attempt: our Parliament
Building, the Presidential complex, the building of the National Intelligence
Organization (MIT), buildings of the Turkish National Police, the Headquarters
of the Police Special Operations Department located in Ankara were bombed by
rogue pilots.

Tanks were driven to the streets to mow down innocent civilians, while
helicopters and jets dropped bombs from the air and shot everyone in sight. The
traitors disguised as soldiers did not shy away from bombing their
brothers-in-arms. It has not been possible to reach the bodies of fifty-one
police officers who were martyred as a result of intense bombing that targeted
the Police Special Operations Department Headquarters in our Capitol city,

That night, two hundred and fifty one citizens were killed and more than
two thousand people were injured.

The 15th of July coup attempt revealed the grave threat posed by the FETO
terrorist organization against our State. In order to fully understand all
aspects of the 15th of July coup attempt, it is imperative to consider this
dark network, beginning from schools and prep schools established over the last
few decades by FETO. By brainwashing young minds at schools founded under the
disguise of so-called training activities, they indoctrinated a large group of
radical followers, who carried out the instructions of the organization’s
leadership unquestioningly and violated all legal and moral norms.

Graduates of these schools were able to infiltrate the most critical
institutions of the State by stealing exam questions; furthermore, those
considered as an obstacle to the organization were treacherously eliminated as FETO
conspired against them.

FETO strengthened its economic and political influence by abusing the
State’s resources and authority for the vile interests of the organization. On
the 15th of July, we were able to grasp the sheer size of the secret structure
established by FETO within our most critical institution, the Turkish Armed

Distinguished guests,

Turkish people who have stood against this horrific threat have
courageously demonstrated to the world that they did not recognize any power
over their will and stood ready to sacrifice their lives to protect their State
and the democratic system.

The Turkish nation, having declared and displayed its readiness to protect
at any cost the democratic acquisitions of the century-old Turkish Republic and
its very fundamental principle of national sovereignty, comes to the forefront
in eliminating this big threat.

Three years ago, Turkish nation
coalesced altogether with all walks of life, regardless of political and
economic differences, and foiled the bloody coup attempt in the streets and

Turkish people carved deep in
history the fact that there is no power above the will of the people, be it
relentless overbearance or ruthless violence.

The solidarity that our people demonstrated
with their own will displayed us how strong the foundations of the Turkish
Republic are, which were built on universal principles.

Thus, it is a matter of pride for
us, the representatives abroad of the Republic of Turkey, which, as Great Atatürk
heralded, will live forever!

Esteemed invitees,

Strong solidarity displayed by
our friend, neighbour and ally Romania with our Government and people has
already taken its precious place in our collective memories.Mr. Lazar Comanescu, the-then Minister of
Foreign Affairs, was one of the primary statesmen among the EU countries to
visit Turkey in the aftermath of the coup attempt.

15 July coup attempt showed the
entire world that the FETÖ is far from being a benign civic movement as they
try hard to portray. On the contrary, what is at stake is a global and dark
enterprise functioning under the cover of dubious school networks. Education
and culture activies are the guise for the so-called religiously-motivated cult
of personality to recruit more members and increase influence in the countries
where it operates.

Concrete examples gathered indicate that FETO does not hesitate to violate
laws by acting almost like a secretive intelligence service and points out to
the fact that it aims to establish political and economic zones of influence
that permits the creation of structures similar to those in Turkey in other
countries that it has spread to since the 1990s. Hence, we advise our friends
including Romania to be in maximum and permanent vigilance against the FETÖ
structures operating on their territories.

Dear friends,

Today, I wish to share with you a
good news. International Maarif School of Bucharest, established by Turkish
Maarif Foundation is ready to launch its academic life in August. Registration
process of the students are underway. Our school is open!

We expect our children and youth
to the International Maarif School of Bucharest so as to transform their bright
and brilliant minds into added values for our countries and to the good of
entire humanity.

Hence, they will epitomise the
new generations with a free thinking, a free conscience and a free
comprehension in the 21st Century.
Hence, no interference by any cults of personality, and no other common
aspirations other than science and enlightenment!

Valuable Participants,

Hereby, I would like to reiterate
our gratitude to the distinguished members of the Turkish society of Romania.

Our fellow citizens, and, members
of the Turkish-Tatar community in Romania set an example for diaspora societies
all over the world through the firm and sapient stance that they displayed
during the 15 July coup attempt and the following days. The sound and active
solidarity that our community extended thoroughly to our State and Embassy set
a one of the most glorious reflections abroad of “national attitude” against
the threats that target our common values. Thank you!

Concluding my words, I commemorate
again with respect and gratitude our people who lost their lives during the 15
July coup attempt; and thank you all for your continuing solidarity with us by
responding to our invitation.

Now allow me to address to our
community members in Turkish.