Turkey-Romania Bilateral Economic Relations, 2.2.2018

Turkey and Romania are each other’s largest trading partners in the Balkans.

In 2017, Turkey’s exports to Romania realized at 3,14 billion USD and its imports from Romania amounted to 2,48 billion USD. Bilateral trade volume between the two countries has reached to 5,62 billion USD in 2017. This figure represents a 15,5 % increase compared to 2016.

Turkey is among the largest investors in Romania with its current value of investment exceeding 6,5 billion USD including those coming from third countries. Currently, more than 10.000 Turkish companies are actively operating in Romania. Two Turkish banks, Credit Europe and Garanti Bank Romania, are also operating in Romania. Romania continues to offer significant opportunities for both Turkish exports and investments.

In Romania, the construction projects which have been completed by Turkish contractors so far amount to 6,2 billion USD.

Turkey remains one of the top tourist destinations for Romanians. In 2017, 423 thousand Romanian tourists have visited Turkey, with an increase of %18,57 compared to 2016. The number of regular weekly flights between Istanbul and Romanian cities surpassed 50.