Declaration Of State Of Emergency In Turkey

Bükreş Büyükelçiliği 21.07.2016

Following Friday's failed coup that killed 246 people, a three-month state of emergency was declared in Turkey. State of emergency is governed by Article 120 of the Turkish Constitution.

President Erdoğan said "We have never compromised on freedom and democracy and we will never do so. State of emergency decision has been taken to protect democracy, state of law, fundamental rights and freedoms. The rule of law and democracy will be strictly adhered to during the state of emergency."

As top government Ministers underlined, this measure is aimed at holding coup-plotters accountable and ensuring those involved are identified and brought to justice swiftly. The state of emergency in Turkey will not include restrictions on movement, gatherings, and free press. It is not martial law of 1990s. Life of ordinary people and businesses will go unimpacted, uninterrupted, business will be as usual. We are committed to market economy. It will not be any different from those imposed by our European partners after relatively smaller scale threats. I am confident Turkey will come out of this with much stronger democracy, better functioning market economy and enhanced investment climate. Finally, Turkey remains committed to fighting international terrorism including DAESH. State of emergency won't hinder the war on terror.

Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmuş underlined that emergency powers only to be used against Gulen's state within the state. "These powers are about the state itself. They will not be enforced over the people. Now we are able to issue statutory decrees" he declared.

Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoğlu said "State of emergency is not against democracy, law and freedoms. On the contrary, it is declared to protect and strengthen these values. Turkey will eliminate all threats and achieve its goals without compromising on freedoms or security."

This State of Emergency does not affect foreign nationals, including Romanian tourists in Turkey. There will be no effective measures against civilian life. Tourists enjoy their holidays in Antalya Riviera and Aegean coastal regions. There is no room for any cancellation of reservations. As a matter of fact, state of emergency measures, like the ones adopted in other European countries, mean more safety for civilians.